Wine Vocabulary

Appellation (Fr) A geographical indication used to identify where the grapes for the wine were grown.

Blanc de Blancs (Blank der Blank) A white wine made from white grapes.

Corked Term given to a wine spoiled by a diseased or faulty cork.

Cate [Fr) A vineyard-covered slope.

Cremant (Fr) French sparkling wines made by the 'methode traditionelle' such as Cremant:' d'Atsace or de Bourgogne.

Cru Glasse (Fr) Classified vineyard: Cuvee (Fri Special selection

Dem-sec (Fr) The literal meaning is 'partly dry' but when referring to sparkling wines it means medium sweet.

Domaine (Fr] Property or. estate.

Doux (Fr) Sweet.

Frizzante [It) Sparkling,

Grand Cru (Fr] Top-quality wine.

Late Harvest A wine made from grapes picked late when they are at their ripest and sweetest.

Methode Traditionelle The method by which champagne and all fine sparkling wines are made, with a secondary fermentation in bottle.

Mis(e) en Bouteille(s) au Cha'teau (Fr) Wine bottled the location where it was made.

Moelleux (Fr) Sweet.

Mousseux (Fr) Sparkling

Noble Rot (Botrytis) The mold which causes grapes to shrivel and/or rot, concentrating their sugars and therefore making them ideal for sweet wines.

Non-Vintage  (NV) Wine blended from two or more different vintages.

Phylloxera, A louse which attacks the roots of vines causing disastrous results.

Pourriture Noble [also Noble Rot].

Rosso [It] Red.

Rouge (Fr) Red.

Sec (Fr) Dry.

Secco (It) Dry.

Seco (Sp) Dry.

Sekt (Ger) Sparkling wine.

Spumante (It) Sparkling.

Sur Lie (Fr) A wine that has lain on its lees. Lees are the yeasty residues that remains in the cask following fermentation.

Tannin The dry sensation in the mouth that is drawn from oak, pips and skins.

Terroir (Fr) The French term for everything such as soil, climate, exposure and which influences a vineyard.

Varietal Wine made from a single

grape variety.

Vieilles Vignes (Fr) Meaning 'old vines', these are thought to produce superior wine, due to their low yields and deep root network.

Vin de Pays (Fr) Country wine.

Vin de Table [Fr) Table wine.

Vin Doux Naturel (Fr) A fortified sweet wine.

Vin Ordinaire (Fr) Basic wine, not subject to any regulations.

Vino da Tavola (It) Table wine.

Vino de Mesa (Sp) Table wine.

Vintage The year of the actual grape harvest as well as the wine made from these grapes.

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