Wine Pronunciation Guide

Albaririo: At-bar-inyo


Aligote: Al-ee-go-tay


Barbera: Bah-bear-ah


Cabernet Franc: Kab-er-nay Fronk


Cabernet Sauvignon: Kab-er-nay So-vin-yon


Carignan: Carry-nion


Carmenere: Kar-men-air


Chardonnay: Shard-er-nay


Chenin Blanc: Shen-an Blonk


Cinsault: San-so


Colombard: Kol-um-bard


Gamay: Gam-eh


Gewurztraminer: Ge-vertz-tram-in-ah


Grenache: Gren-ash


GriThar Vettliner: Groo-ner Felt-leener


Matbec: Mal-beck


Marsanne: Mah-san


Merlot: Mur-low


Mourvedre: More-ved-rah


Muller-Thurgau: Moolah Ter-gow


Muscat: Musk-at


Nebbiolo: Neb-io-loh


Petit Verdot: Petty Ver-doh


Pinot Blanc: Peeno Blonk


Pinot Gris: Peeno Gree


Pinot Noir: 'Peeno Nwaw


Pinotage: Peeno-taj


Riesling: Rees-ling


Roussanne: Roo-san


Sangiovese: San-gio-vayzee


Sauvignon Blanc: So-vin-yon Blonk


Semillon: Sem-ill-yon


Shiraz: Shi-razz


Sylvaner: Silv-arn-er


Syrah: Si-rah


Tempranillo: Tem-pran-eeyo


Trebbiano: Treb-ee-arno


Viognier: Vee-uh-nee-ay


Zinfandel: Zin-fan-dell

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